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Custom fitting refrigerated Augusta showcases can be produced on a cold level in two different ways: “static” or “forced air”. On a constructive level there are two more shapes:  “complete shape” (with steel feet) and “suspended shape” (needs to be built on the place of a small construction site wall).

The main constructive characteristic of the refrigerated AUGUSTA showcases is the custom fitting manufacturing. For this reason, there is a total adaptability to the place morphology. Consequently, we offer commercial development without the importance of the existing physical elements such as: columns, corners, since they would influence in another way the machineries disposal.

There are different advantages of those constructive characteristics. It is especially relevant to increase the commercial “virtues” of the edible product offered. Since we show on a unique visual line all the scale “birds, butchers, delicatessen, cheese” or “sweets, pastries”, there are no visual leaps that may confuse the final consumer.

Custom fitting refrigerated Augusta showcases for butchers, delicatessen and pastries

AUGUSTA refrigerated showcases are built on a structural base that works as a bond for all the other elements. This base called Sandwich, has an external perimeter edge made of polyester, an iron inner structure  and an inner heart of polyurethane that works for the thermal isolation. On the Sandwich all the components that give the final shape to the refrigerated showcases custom fitting are fixed.

We run from programmed obsolescence. When the operator thinks about changing the refrigerated showcase, it will appear brand new.

Regarding the external part, the product exhibition area, it is fixed with a screw of stainless steel on different ways of systems of iron outlines. This is the task of fastening the front windows, offering a perfect opening kinematics for everyday use. Consequently for all the activities: opening, glasses closure, product charge, product withdrawal and cleaning.

Regarding the inner part, the Sandwich allows to fix the elements such as the evaporator, whose task is the cold production as well as the aluminum screens that cover it.

Regarding the upper part, the Sandwich allows to support, place, and join the work surface. Consequently the area where the operator puts the food is made of stone, granite, silestone or neolith.


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