Refrigerated showcases custom fitting for butchers, delicatessen and pastries

Constructive characteristics

Refrigerated AUGUSTA showcases custom fitting can be produced on a cold level in two different ways: “static” or “forced air” . On a constructive level there are two more shapes: complete shape (with steel feet) and “suspended shape” (needs to be built on the place of a small construction site wall).

The main constructive characteristic of the refrigerated AUGUSTA showcases is the custom fitting manufacturing. For this reason, there is a total adaptability to the place morphology.Consequently, we offer commercial development without the importance of the existing physical elements such as: columns, corners, since they would influence in another way the machineries disposal.

There are different advantages of those constructive characteristics. It is especially relevant to increase the commercial “virtues” of the edible product offered.
Since we show on a unique visual line all the scale “birds, butchers, delicatessen, cheese” or “sweets, pastries”, there are no visual leaps that may confuse the final consumer.

Constructive morphology

AUGUSTA refrigerated showcases are built on a structural base that works as a bond for all the other elements. This base called Sandwich, has an external perimeter edge made of polyester, an iron inner structure and an inner heart of polyurethane that works for the thermal isolation. On the “sandwich” all the components that give the final shape to the refrigerated showcases custom fitting are fixed.

Regarding the external part, the product exhibition area, it is fixed with a screw of stainless steel on different ways of systems of iron outlines. This is the task of fastening the front windows, offering a perfect opening kinematics for everyday use. Consequently for all the activities: opening, glasses closure, product charge, product withdrawal and cleaning.

We run from programmed obsolescence. When the operator thinks about changing the refrigerated showcase, it will appear brand new.

Regarding the inner part, the Sandwich allows to fix the elements such as the evaporator whose task is the cold production as well as the aluminum screens that cover it.

Regarding the upper part, the Sandwich allows to support, place, and join the work envelope. Consequently the area where the operator puts the food is made of stone, granite, siltstone or neolith.


In order to make the transport of refrigerated showcases for butchers viable, they are built in sections (pieces). In this way, they can be moved bit by bit. Once they are placed in their final location, they will be visually joined as one piece.

Our refrigerated showcases AUGUSTA are joined through a lamination of fiberglass and catalyzed “Gelcoat”. The advantages of this constructive morphology are that, once put in his final location, it will only produce one stagnant piece. The result ensures a better longevity of the refrigerated showcase and an energy saving. This happens since there are no bolted joints in each of the glass modules, which happens in other types of showcases.

Materials for our refrigerated showcases for butchers

All the materials used for the construction of AUGUSTA showcases have the corresponding CE certificate and the characteristics necessary for the sanitary homologation. They are selected in order to achieve the maximum quality of the final product and the longevity for the intensive use.

In this type of artisan showcase, the programmed obsolescence is not looked for like in another types of showcases. Rather, it is intended that when the operator thinks about changing the showcase, the showcase itself appearslike the first day

We will now make a detailed list of the materials, their characteristics and advantages derived from it.



All the glasses are ensured so during the tempered process we can avoid possible accidents due to the hypothetical future breaking that would leave uncovered some knife shape corners that may hurt someone.


All the outlines used are made of high weight aluminum, most of them solid. In this way it is possible to achieve the searched tightness of all the elements and a big resistance to the use.


All the nuts and bolts used are made of stainless steel. Consequently we avoid the possible event of oxidation when the time passes.


On the inner part of this element it is placed the inner structure of the joist UPN of iron 50 mm x 25 mm. With his wall of 5 mm totally plunged into polyurethane of density 35 Kg/m2.

On the external part of the Sandwich, the leather that covers the entire perimeter of the base , is fiberglass covered by a “Gelcoat” branded “Ferro”, that has the certificate for alimentary use and a total thickness of 5 mm. This system allows the total tightness of the outfit. Moreover it allows the possible regeneration of the material in case of a possible accident, such as the fall of a pointed


This element is the heart of cold production of refrigerated show cases for butchers and delicatessen. It is made of two main pieces, the covering pipe and the aluminum flap.

In the instance of the covering pipe, we will ensure that this pipe will be 0.43 mm thick compared to 0.30 or 0.35 mm of the other show cases. Take note that, moreover, the copper is extracted by the mine and it is not recycled, since this is the less expensive but the more problematic.

Finally, regarding the aluminum flap in our showcases it is 0.30 mm thick compared to 0.25 mm of the other kind of showcases.

In conclusion, we increase significantly its longevity.


It is the element that allows the production of the cold in the evaporator. One valve per section is supplied, since it is the element where the refrigerator repairman must operate the connection in order to provide the refrigerant to the showcases.

The refrigerated AUGUSTA showcases have electronic valves that perfectly adjust the cold production. In conclusion we improve the speed of cold production as well as the energy consumption, getting up to 30 % of savings.

Furthermore on AUGUSTA showcases, the valves are placed out of the steel tub where refrigerated products are exposed.

Therefore, we achieve a perfect access in case of breakdown.

If there is any technical requirement that justifies the mechanical expansion valves that are installed, it is that they all have a pressure compensator. This compensating element serves to adjust the cold production on a bigger scale and the real needs requested by the thermostat of the control unit. Therefore, in case of an obliged installation of this kind of valves, they are inside the steel tub where the cold is produced.


It is installed, depending on the needs of the cold producer unity, according to its compatibility.

Please take note that it is always digital. It must fulfill all the functions and parameters, including also a stoppage pause for defrosting.


In the case of AUGUSTA refrigerated Showcases, this element is suitable to the decorative and ergonomics needs of the work.

According to the production the work envelope is asymmetric, getting narrow in different parts of the showcase for a better access on the repeating access movement of the product exposed.

According to the production, the envelope is made of Siltstone 2/3 cm thick. Furthermore it is cut on a maxim size, which allows it to have a number of lower joints and especially the appearance of a single piece.

The advantages of this material compared to others are different. Among the most important are:

  • Great resistance to impact and scratching, presence of quartz in its composition.
  • Homogeneity of the outline ( synthetic material)
  • Stain resistance. It is a non-porous material. Especially relevant is the additional bacteriostatic protection.

The decorative façade is made of a base plate of a board. Furthermore on its external facade there is a high pressure lamination with an edge that must be defined according to the decorative project or according to the client’s taste.

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